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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Welcome at the ITL

Interdisciplinarity is our success factor

The Institute of Transport Logistics (ITL) is actively researching and teaching transport logistics. The focus is, for example, on optimizing transport flows or improving resource planning and utilization in logistics facilities. For this purpose, interdisciplinary methods of process management, mathematical optimization and simulation are applied. In addition to basic research, applied research also plays a special role. In consortia with practice partners, industry-specific problems and questions of daily operations are solved through intensive cooperation. In teaching, the ITL is decisively involved in training students in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in logistics at the TU Dortmund University.

The ITL team consists of scientists from the disciplines of logistics, (industrial) engineering, (industrial) mathematics, computer science and economics. Resulting from the broad knowledge of the different disciplines in the institute team, the staff members contribute to the project work with different methods, approaches and ways of thinking in solving the logistic tasks of practice as well as in researching the specific characteristics and interrelationships of each.

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