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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Transport Modelling and Process Planning

Here you will find information on the individual thematic focal points of Transport Modelling and Process Planning.

A man with a tablet in his hands and depicting traffic flows on the globe © braverabbit, endostock - Adobe Stock
  • Development of traffic models to emulate commercial traffic within a geographic area
  • Qualitative conception and model based design of scenarios in freight and public transport
  • Forecast of commercial traffic as well as traffic and spatial planning
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  • Methods to picture logistics material and information flow processes
  • Design of standard processes and modular process chains
  • The conception of process modelling languages
  • Prototype development for modelling systems
  • Design of methods to improve processes in transport logistics
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  • Development of new approaches referring to process based definition of capacity (e.g. for staff, space, equipment)
  • Detection and integration of process or resource affecting parameters
  • Development of software-demonstrators for static or dynamic planning of capacity requirements
Meeting with multiple people © Ded Pixto, Zsolt Nyulaszi - Adobe Stock
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators including financial, performance-related, qualitative and environmental figures
  • Integration into an overarching KPI-system to control logistics processes
  • Transfer into rating systems, i.e. to balance energy consumption or GHG-emissions of stationary and mobile logistics processes
  • Benchmarking based on market analyses

Selected projects of the Transport Modelling and Process Planning division