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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Simulation and Logistics Engineering

Here you will find information on the individual thematic focal points of the Simulation and Logistics Engineering division.

A container terminal in the foreground and a compound diagram in the background © ITL​/​TU Dortmund
  • Discrete event simulation of logistics systems (manually operated and automated)
  • Development of simulation environments for logistics systems (e.g., container terminals, terminals for intermodal transport, freight forwarding facilities and distribution centers)
  • Statistical methodology for the generation of synthetic shipment data
  • Statistical methodology for optimized selection of operational strategies using simulation
Section of a planning program in the foreground and a layout of a forwarding terminal in the background © ITL​/​TU Dortmund
  • Methods for automated layout planning of logistics systems (e.g., freight forwarding facilities)
  • Statistical analysis and evaluation of manual handling tasks to validate material flow planning of dynamic logistics systems
  • Development and comparative analysis of methods for measuring greenhouse gas emissions of freight transport
  • Analysis of measures to reduce CO2-emissions of stationary and mobile processes in logistics companies (ecological and economic review)


3D bar chart in the foreground and a magic triangle with the goals of performance, costs and quality in the background © TU Dortmund
  • Intelligent linking of detection technology for shipment characteristics with the control of automatic sorting systems
  • Control strategies for manual processes and resources (e.g., forklifts and staff) as well as functional areas (e.g., buffer areas) in logistics systems
  • Intelligent operating and control strategies for container terminals (e.g., crane control)
  • Multi-criteria control strategies for the yard management in transshipment facilities of logistics service providers

Selected projects of the Simulation and Logistics Engineering division